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Purple Pillowcase

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Introducing our new Silky Soft Satin Pillowcases! The perfect addition to your bedding collection.

Made with high-quality, ultra-soft fabric , our pillowcases are designed to provide maximum comfort and a luxurious sleeping experience. Our silky soft pillowcases have an envelope closure fit both Standard and Queen sized pillows (20" x 30").

Treat yourself & experience sleeping on silky soft pillowcases!


Soft Satin (100% Polyester)



•  Small 4” Diameter 
•  Medium 5.5" Diameter •  Large 7” Diameter
•  Wraps around hair 2x (depending on hair thickness)

Care Instructions

• Do NOT put scrunchies in the dryer
• Wash the light and dark coloured scrunchies separately
• To re-tighten Scrunchies place them in warm water for a short period of time
• It is best to wash each scrunchie separately to avoid the risk of colour bleeding

• Place scrunchies in a large bowl
• Add cold water & 2 drops of laundry detergent or shampoo
• Wash with hands & rinse with additional water
• Place scrunchies on a towel to dry or hang to dry

Disclaimer: Kaurtino is not responsible for any damage incurred to products after they have been purchased so please handle with care.